Paris Metro Map
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Paris Metro Map

Paris Metro Map
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version of the Paris Metro Map

Like many similar maps, the Paris Metro Map may look confusing when you first see it:

However, it is actually one of the easier systems to follow (and a great way to find Paris tourist sites), as we hope this short overview of the RATP Metro will show.

Paris Metro Lines

There are 14 main lines on the Paris Metro, with two supplementary lines, and each of these lines is known by its number.

They are also all colour-coded, to help you follow the map more easily.

Here's the list of all the Metro lines, with their respective terminus stations:

Paris Metro Line 1 La Défense Château de Vincennes
Paris Metro Line 2 Porte Dauphine Nation
Paris Metro Line 3 Pont de Levallois Bécon Gallieni
Paris Metro Line 3bis Gambetta Porte des Lilas
Paris Metro Line 4 Porte de Clignancourt Porte d'Orléans
Paris Metro Line 5 Place d'Italie Bobigny Pablo Picasso
Paris Metro Line 6 Charles de Gaulle Etoile Nation
Paris Metro Line 7 La Courneuve 8 Mai 1945 Villejuif-Louis Aragon or Mairie d'Ivry
Paris Metro Line 7bis Louis Blanc Pré St-Gervais
Paris Metro Line 8 Balard Créteil-Préfecture
Paris Metro Line 9 Pont de Sèvres Mairie de Montreuil
Paris Metro Line 10 Boulogne Pont de St-Cloud Gare d'Austerlitz
Paris Metro Line 11 Châtelet Mairie des Lilas
Paris Metro Line 12 Mairie d'Issy Porte de la Chapelle
Paris Metro Line 13 Châtillon-Montrouge Saint-Denis-Université
Paris Metro Line 14 Saint-Lazare Olympiades

Paris RER Lines

There are also five RER lines, which are more like a local commuter network, and each RER line is labeled A through E:

Paris RER Line A Cergy or Poissy or St-Germain en-Laye Marne-la-Vallée or Boissy-Saint-Léger
Paris RER Line B Robinson or Saint-Rémy lès-Chevreuse Aéroport Charles de Gaulle or Mitry-Claye
Paris RER Line C Versailles-Rive Gauche or Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines Pontoise or Massy-Palaiseau Versailles-Chantier or Dourdan Saint-Martin-d'Etampes
Paris RER Line D Orry-la-Ville-Coye Malesherbes or Melun
Paris RER Line E Haussmann Saint-Lazare Chelles Gournay or Tournan

Knowing Which Direction To Take

In addition, when deciding which platform you should use, then you will need to look for both the number of the line, and the station at the end of the line.

Paris Metro Line 12 Porte de la ChapelleFor example, if you need to head north on Line 12, you'd look for a sign that said "12 Porte de la Chapelle", which looks like this on the map:

Paris Metro Line 12 Mairie d'IssyWhereas if you were heading south, you'd look for a sign that said "12 Mairie d'Issy", which looks like this on the map:

Metro Station Map Symbols

When reading the Metro Map, you'll notice there are three main symbols you will see when looking at station names.

Symbol For A Metro Station Without ConnectionsFirstly, there is the regular station, which will look like this on the map:

The solid dot (green, in this case), indicates that Solférino does not connect to any other Metro lines.

Symbol For A Metro Station With ConnectionsThe second type of symbol represents stations that do connect to one or more other Metro lines, and that would look like this:

Note that you may see either an empty circle, as is the case here with Champs Elysées Clemenceau, or an empty oval, like Concorde.

They both mean the same thing - i.e. that they connect to one or more other lines, but sometimes an empty circle simply isn't large enough to join up all the different lines involved.

Symbol For A Metro Line Terminus StationFinally, there is the line terminus, which looks like this:

The numbered circle, such as the 3 in the case of Gallieni, indicates that this is one of the terminus points of the no. 3 line.

(Note that some lines, especially RER lines, may have multiple termini at each end of the line.)

Where To Get A Paris Metro Map

Cover of Michelin's Paris Par Arrondissements Plan Atlas

The Paris Metro is run by RATP, and their website will always contain:

  • the most up-to-date Paris Metro map, which is a full-sized and interactive version of the one shown above (and which includes the RER lines too)
  • a printable Paris Metro map PDF, which you can download to your computer.

However, we suggest that you take a good Paris guide book with you, and the one that we use and recommend is Michelin's Paris Par Arrondissements Plan Atlas.

This not only contains a copy of the Paris Metro Map, but also RATP Bus routes, a full A - Z street plan as well as loads of other useful information (e.g. a Paris bicycle map).

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